Boompay Investments(Scam Or Legit) – All You Need To Know About It

I bet you must have heard about the recently launched Boompay forum that pays it’s users for performing tasks. Wait! You haven’t heard?! Then let me give a little intro about this money making platform.

Boompay forum is an income reward platform. This platform is similar to past money making sites like NNU income, Giftalworld. Boompay is also a bit similar to Racksterli investment.
Boompay has been going on for almost a year now and some people are still asking questions like;
“Is Boompay forum legit?”
“Is Boompay still paying?”
“How do I register and login on Boompay?”
If any of these questions are on your mind, then you’re in luck. Because in this writeup I will give you all the informations you need to know about Boompay forum.
NOTE: Make sure you read to the end. 
How To Register On The Boompay Platform
Boompay registration process is very easy. To register simply CLICK HERE. You will be redirected to the Boompay registeration page. Fill the form, insert the coupon code you purchased, and click REGISTER.
After registering on Boompay, you can always login whenever you feel like.
To login on Boompay is something anyone can figure out.
Is Boompay still paying?
This is the million dollar question a lot of people are asking. The answer to this is that some people claim boompay is still paying them up till this day, while some claim boompay never payed them.
If you check social media, you will see screenshots and payments proof that will make you believe boompay is still paying. On the same social media, you will find posts of people lamenting about how boompay scam them.
After my research, I found out that Boompay is still paying. But, they do not pay everyone.
Some get lucky, while some are unlucky.
In simple words, Boompay is not 100% legit!
So if a friend asks you a question like; Is Boompay legit? Tell them there is a 50% chance they they will not get paid!
Boompay is still paying, but can you take the risk?!

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