How To Get More Clicks On Opera News Hub(2021 Secret Tricks)

If you have been a writer for opera news hub for a while now, then you would know that the most important thing on the hub is getting clicks. Sadly, top earners(e.g richiehenshaw, sportsinyoruba, johnthewriter e.t.c.) will never unveil to anyone how they get more clicks on Opera news hub. It is now left for you to figure it out all on your own.

Well, you won’t have to be worrying about getting low clicks anymore, because in this article I will reveal most of the secrets tips on how to get lots of clicks on the Opera news hub platform. Also, at the end of this article, I will be showing some opera news hub payments proof. For those who are still thinking opera news hub might be a scam platform!

Before we go on, I would like to address the issue of how much opera news hub pays per click, in Nigeria.

When opera news hub was first launched, they used to pay 0.036 naira per click. However, things have changed now.

Opera news hub Nigeria not only pay per click now, they also pay for quality and original contents. Meaning that the quality and originality of your opera news article, is going to decide how much you will get paid.

With all that have been said about how much Opera news pays, let us now head to the main issue. Getting clicks!

Below are smart tricks to get more clicks on Opera news hub;

 1. As soon as you publish a new article on Opera News hub, always tell your friends to quickly go and read, like, and comment on the article.

Most opera news writers don’t know this, but if you are to get lot of clicks and engagements in the first few minutes, then opera news hub editors will help you increase your ‘reach.’

Again, I repeat, tell your friends to quickly read your newly published posts. It helps!

 2. Add irresistible thumbnails.

For instance, when writing an entertainment article that is talking about a celebrity making complaints, you can simply find a picture of that same celebrity crying in tears, then use that picture as your thumbnail.

It is a very smart move to increase your clicks on the hub.

 3. Replying comments on your articles.

Although, the number of comments in youe article will not increase your revenue, however, Opera news hub editors have made it clear that the more engagements(shares and comments) you get, the more they will increase your article ‘reach.’

Replying readers comments will increase the comments on your article, and this also increases the reach, and clicks, of the article!

Other tricks and ways to get high clicks on your article in Opera news includes;

 4. Writing clickbait headlines(risky but sometimes worth it).

 5. Writing long headlines.

This makes readers click on your articles because they want to see your full headline. Eventually, they end of reading the whole article.

 6. Writing over 300 worded articles.

Article length is also a criteria for a quality article. In opera news hub, quality articles tend to get more reach, as well as high clicks.

If you can put effort in trying all that has been listed above, then the question; ‘how to get more clicks on opera news hub,’ would be the last thing on your mind.

Oh! And to those that are still thinking about how legit opera news hub is, below are some of my own opera news hub payment proof!

Also, to those that would love to start writing for opera news hub Nigeria, click HERE to register.

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