Dessi Media Investments – All You Need To Know About It

The way new investment platforms are springing up these days, you would definitely be tempted to try investing your money.
One of the latest investment platform in Nigeria is known as Dessi Media.

What Is Dessi Media Investment?
Dessi media investment is a Nigerian owned affiliate and investment platform which pays it members 55% ROI(returns on investment).
Dessi media investment is a bit unlike the other investment platforms in Nigeria. In Dessi media, you do not have to perform any daily task to earn money. Infact, you literally just deposit your money, wait for 30 days, and then cashout more than you deposited/invested.
Dessi media sounds cool right?!
With all that has been said, you may now be wondering how to join Dessi media investment.
Joining this great investment platform is not rocket science. It is as easy as taking a candy from a baby! Here is how it is done;
Simply click HERE to register.
You will need to buy a coupon code. So follow your budget and select any package that suits you.
You can also earn by referall on the Dessi media investment platform. You really should consider that. It is an easier and faster way to make money on the platform.
Below are the different plans/packages on the Dessi media;
Figures in bracket amounts to Capital + Interest
Copper N10K (N15K)
BRONZE N20K (N31,000)
SILVER N50k (N77,500)
SILICON N100K (N155,000)
GOLD N200K (N310,000)
DIAMOND N300K (N465,000)
JEWEL N500K (N775,000)
PEARL N1M (N1.55M)
RUBY N2M (N3.1M)
AMBER N5M (N7.55M)

Figures in bracket amounts to Capital + Interest
100K (N577k)
200K (N1.154m)
500k (N2.885m)
1m (N5.77m)
2m (N11.54m)

Referral Program
We have an affiliate program, which our members can use to earn more by referring people to our system.
Our referral bonus for each package:
Copper – N500
Bronze – N1000
Silver – N2500
Silicon – N5000
Gold – N10,000
Diamond – N15,000
Jewel – N25,000
Pearl – N50,000
Ruby – N75,000
Amber N100,000
What this means in essence is that, if you are in the simple interest plan and you invested ten thousand naira, in thirty days, you will be paid back the sum of fifteen thousand naira. And so on..
Incase you are wondering if Dessi Media investment is legit, I don’t think you should worry much.
This platform has proven to not be a ponzi scheme as they have paid all of their investors that has been in the platform for a over a month now. Though new, Dessi media investment is legit and scam free.

Be rest assured!

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