Two Sites That Will Pay You For Answering Quick Questions(Surveys)

Seeing the above headline must have compelled you to read this article.
I am sure you must be wondering why a website will decide to pay you for answering simple questions.
Well, these questions are known as online surveys.
What are Online Surveys and Why do Websites Pay People to Answer the Surveys?
Online surveys are questionnaires(a list of questions) that you complete to help brands and companies improve their performances.
The purpose of these surveys are to collect data, and to know how customers and target audiences feel about a service or product.
Because companies want to know well their services are doing, and how they can improve, they decide to make questionnaires. And the good thing is you can get paid to answer those quick questionnaires.
Now that you know what a survey is, let me reveal to you readers, two best paying survey sites;
 1. Swag Bucks
Swag Bucks is one of the best survey websites in the world. They are very reliable, and they pay via paypal and Amazon gift cards.
Swag bucks doesn’t just pay you to answer questions, they also pay you to play games, watch videos, and so on.
Like I said earlier, this is a very reliable survey website.
To start earning cool cash on swag bucks, sign up by clicking HERE.
The good thing is that there is a reward for signing up. So the moment you sign up, you earn immediately!
 2. Enlumi Survey

Enlumi is a Nigerian based survey site. It is owned by Nigerians.
Enlumi surveys are very quick and simple to answer. All you have to do is accumulate points by filling survey forms, and for every survey you complete, you get a particular amount of points.
You can then use the points in buying recharge cards.

You can also win Raffle surveys on Enlumi. Winning a raffle survey means you getting ten thousand naira for simply answering questions.
To stand a better chance of winning a raffle survey, referring friends to sign up on Enlumi survey would be a smart move.
If you are really interested then I would suggest you head to the Enlumi signup page by 


That is a wrap dear readers. Have fun earning!

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