Easy Guide On How To Register & Make Money As A Scooper PGC Writer

The famous Scooper News app(fomerly known as eaglee app), and also known as Scooper PGC, is now hiring new writers that will publish contents for them on the Scooper app.
Yes, you read that right! Scooper PGC is hiring!
Many are aware of this, but the reason why they haven’t registered and started writing for Scooper news is because of the Scooper registration process which can be quite challenging if you’re new.
If you are one of those who are finding the Scooper registeration process as a bit of a challenge, well worry no more, because in this article, you will be guided through the whole Scooper PGC registration process.
Let Us Begin.
STEP ONE: Head on to the Scooper PGC registeration form a.k.a Post Now application form.
In other words, simply CLICK HERE.

When the page has successfully loaded, you will now have to fill the creator application form.

STEP TWO: Fill in your full name in the required box.

Note: Have in mind that the name you during Scooper Registration, must be the same with your bank account name.

STEP THREE: Select your country.
STEP FOUR: Fill in your phone number. After you have typed in your phone number, check again to make sure it is correct.
After confirming that you typed in the right phone number, click on ‘send’ button just below the phone number box. Then wait for about two minutes.
A code will be sent to the the number you inputed. Copy the code and paste it in the ‘verification code’ space.
STEP FIVE: Fill in your Gmail address.
Make sure it is an active Gmail. This is because Scooper will be sending you important informations via your Gmail.
STEP SIX: Input in your career/job in the “career/job” space.(for example: creative writer, or content creator).
STEP SEVEN: Fill in your writing experience.
For example: “I am a top-notch content and creative writer, with five years of experience.
I am certain that after going through my sample article, you will be happy to have someone like me as a content creator for Scooper PGC.
I look forward to working with Scooper.”
STEP EIGHT: This is the final step, and it is the final step that would decide your fate.
You will have to submit an article written by you. It can either be a past article or a new article. But make sure it was you who wrote the article.
How professional this sample article is, is what would make Scooper PGC editors/admins accept or decline your offer to be a Scooper PGC writer.
To submit your sample article, first you have to make sure your sample article is either in a word, txt, or pdf format. You can do that online.
Next, you click on the small box that has “up to 2mb written on it.” Then  upload your sample article file.
You can now click submit and wait for a reply from Scooper PGC admins.
Note: On few occasions, it usually takes a few weeks to get a reply from Scooper as to whether you were accepted or rejected.
Also, note that if your application was rejected, you can always reapply again!
So what are you waiting for? Head on to the Scooper registration form and apply now that Scooper PGC is hiring. Goodluck!

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