Make Money From These Nigerian Platforms By Uploading Your Fictional Stories

Fictional stories! What are fictonal stories?!

Let us start with the word, “fiction.” Fiction is usually imaginative writing. It isn’t real.
Meaning that fictional writers are people who write stories and do writeups of things and events that happened in their ‘heads.”
When a person writes a fictional story, it isn’t a real one, it is only one’s imagination. However, what if I told you that you can make money writing short fictional stories online?!
Did you know there are many platforms that are in need fictional writers?


In Nigeria there are platform owners that want writers to upload their fictional stories on their platform, and the very cool thing is that you(the writer of the fictional story) get to decide how much you want people to pay before they can read your fictional story.
In this writeup, I will reveal three ways that you can make money by writing short stories online, or on a platform/website. So keep reading.
 1. Bookney app
A lot of people are not really familiar with the bookney app, so what you may be pondering over right now, is “what is bookney?”


Bookney is an online Nigerian app that writers can upload their written stories, get customers, and get paid.
The bookney app is so easy to use that anyone can use it without having any issues.

The coolest thing about the bookney app is that you do not need to pay any amount before you can upload your written fictional stories. The app is totally free of charge.

On Bookney, you can also sell your non-fictional stories and even your poetries as well.
To start selling your books and earning quickly, visit Google playstore and download the bookney app now.
Though Bookney is a bit new, it is still a very legit platform to make money writing short stories online.
 2. OkadaBooks

Okadabooks is another cool Nigerian platform that fictional writers can earn from.

Okadabooks has millions of readers, so to get people to buy and read your fictional stories/books will not be much of a hard task .


Note: If you want to get more people to see and buy your books on the okadabooks app, then paying okadabooks to promote your books is what I will advice you to do.
So far so good, Okadabooks has proven to be one of the best Nigerian platforms to make money by writing short, or long stories, online.
 3. Opera News Hub Nigeria
Few people know that Opera news Nigeria pays it writers, and even fewer people know that Opera news hub is a cool platform to write fiction online.


Opera news pays all kinds of writers(news, entertainment, fiction e.t.c.) the same amount. So if you are talented in writing fictional stories, then you can consider writing for opera news. It is a very legit platform to write fiction online, and also to get paid.
Note: Opera news pays its writers a fixed fee. Which is 0.036 naira per click.
To register as a writer on opera news CLICK HERE.
Making money writing short stories online has never been so easy!

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