How To Become A Smartphone Graphic Designer In Nigeria

Taking graphic design as a profession is a very cool way to make money. Most times you get to work from home, except your clients wishes to see you in person.
Graphic designing is one of the easiest careers to start.
All you need is a creative mind, and devotion to work.
To become a graphic designer, a lot of people like to think that the first necessary step is to get a personal computer(desktop or laptop).

Well, getting a PC isn’t a bad idea, but if you cannot afford one, then why worry?
Your smartphone can get the job done.
Do not be decieved! Using a smartphone to create designs doesn’t make you less professional! You just have to be creative when making a design.
If you are reading this now and you are just finding out that smartphone graphic design is a ‘thing,’ well then, welcome to the light!
To be a smartphone graphic designer is a bit easier than using a PC for designs.
Firstly, and most importantly, you need a smartphone(as the name implies; smartphone designer).
Then, you need to download the app you will use in making up creative designs.
I personally suggest Pixellab.
So far, the best app for smartphone graphic design I have come across, is Pixellab. The app doesn’t use your data connection. It is an offline app, and it is very easy to use and understand.

To get the Pixellab app, you can head on to Google PlayStore.
Sadly, IOS users cannot use app. Pixellab is not allowed on Iphones.

Another great app for smartphone designing is the Canvas app.
The Canvas app is very good for beginners. It has a lot of templates that would make the job easier to get done. However, unlike Pixellab, Canvas requires a data connection.

With either of the two apps listed above, anyone can learn to be a high standards and professional graphic designer.
Earning cash as a graphic designer is easy as long as you are creative and professional in all your works.

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